Who we are & what we do

This is Bowie, one of our rabbit manure champions

We bought our farm in August of 2010. Our love of animals, plants & our planet only increased our passion to become even greener. It was a completely natural progression to then share our knowledge & education with others who had the same interests, goals & appreciation for our Mother Earth.

Our gardens (our foods), quickly became our main focus and priority. You know the feeling when you produce some of your own food without the use of store bought chemicals in an all natural manner for pure flavor & nutrition. It is a great source of pride (not to mention AWESOME taste). Improving the quality and yields of our crops in an organic way became a bit of an obsession. As we grew (pun intended), we began to produce our own natural & organic plant nutrients as well as soil supplements. What we discovered and created are now some of the finest organic nutrients you can feed your plants AND soil.

Alas, Nasty Rabbit Organics was formed and began to take shape in April of 2016.

Why we do it

This is Nelson, another rabbit manure specialist

We are a husband & wife run small business with excellent natural & organic plant and soil experience and products. Now we just want to help others attain the same incredible results we have achieved over and over again with these products. Nothing beats Mother Nature and we can prove it!

Now you know the secret to a much greener thumb. You can help others by sharing your new found education and save them some money too! You can find us on Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter too. We look forward to serving you and seeing the photos of YOUR results, please share them with us!

Feel free to contact us with ANY questions about our products or their proper use. When your plants, lawn & garden look great, so do you, and we did it naturally.

Know someone else who may be interested? Our products make great gifts for the right people. Order yours today!