Best use of our Bunny Crumbs

Rabbit Manure Crumbs for seed or fertilizer spreaders

If you read about our Custom Garden Blend products then you already know how safe, yet powerful our products can be when added to your plants soil.

Bunny Crumbs are the same combined rabbit manure products with one exception; We offer it pre-crushed for use in seed and fertilizer lawn spreaders. This works a lot better than whole pellets sitting on your lawn only to be blown away by your lawnmower or other landscaping or yard activities.

Sure, you can buy our Custom Garden Blend product and crush it up yourself, but why do all that when we can provide it to you already crushed, filtered and ready-to-use?

When applying it to your lawn, it can cover a much larger area with more instant results than the full pellet manure products. So for landscapers of lawns, golf courses, or large grassy areas it is an ideal way to improve both the lawn and the soil. We recommend applying this to those larger areas twice a year for absolutely astonishing results.

Get started with our Bunny Crumbs today!

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