Our Custom Garden Blend

Domestic rabbit manure combined with wild rabbit manure

Why are our rabbit manure products superior to other rabbit manures?

For starters, our Custom Garden Blend product is made up of rabbit manure from our pet rabbits combined with the rabbit manure of "wild" rabbits as well (who are on a different diet altogether). No one else offers these products except Mother Nature herself.

Yes, we actually combine both manures for an exceptional natural product. All of our products contain our Custom Garden Blend of rabbit manure. Whether you buy our Bunny Crumbs or any of our Pro products, they all start with this unique combination. You can watch our video where we show you how we 'harvest' our wild rabbit manure.

Just wait until you start adding our products to your garden plants, fruits, vegetables, lawns, etc. You will be pleasantly surprised at what your plants and your soil have been missing and how much better they can be. Watch our videos to learn the best ways to apply our products to your plants, gardens & lawn.

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An original Nasty Rabbit Organics product creation