High Phosphorus Rabbit Manure

Organic rabbit manure with high phosphorus seabird guano

This is another of our combination products using our premium rabbit manure, sprayed with our 100% natural liquid adherance and then coated with high phosphorus seabird guano.

This combination results in a much higher phophorus based manure product that is intended for mature plants ONLY.

The NPK of this particular product is; N:2.4 P:12.4 K:0.6

These combination products are exclusive to Nasty Rabbit Organics - That's because we are the innovators and creators that developed them for our farm and now we are passing them on to YOU. Some plants require higher phosphorus nutrients on the back-end or 'flowering' stage of their growing cycle. Again, this product naturally gives them what they require and is controlled by your specific plant knowledge.

Designed for better plant health & growth

An original Nasty Rabbit Organics product creation

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