Rabbit manure: A natural & organic plant nutrient & soil fertilizer

Natural rabbit manure fertilizer

Rabbit manure is considered a "cold" manure. This means it does not require timely composting like other manures such as chicken, cow, sheep or horse manure (It does not smell as bad as those either). It will also NOT burn your plants in it's natural form factor. All nutrients are generally rated by their NPK numbers. The "N" stands for Nitrogen content, the "P" stands for Phosphorus content, and the "K" stands for Potassium. These are the nutrient components of most plant fertilizers.

The NPK of rabbit manure is; N: 2.4 P: 1.4 K: 0.6

Another great advantage to rabbit manure as a fertilizer is that it contains many other minerals, elements and micro-nutrients necessary in keeping your soil healthy. Commercially available chemical nutrients can be damaging to your soil, while Nasty Rabbit Organics products actually help to rebuild soil including its structure & integrity.

So let's take a look at what else is in rabbit manure that plants just LOVE -

Natural time-release nutrients

Organic soil rebuilder | Rabbit Manure

Rabbits are vegetarians, their diet consists of mostly plants, vegetables & fruits. Rabbit manure has the highest NPK numbers of any animal manure fertilizer (Four times the amount found in cow or horse manure and twice as much as chicken waste). So what else does this organic fertilizer offer?

Keep in mind that rabbit manure is also rich in organic matter which helps soil structure, moisture retention, drainage and more. Rabbit manure can also benefit your compost pile. Who knew?

Did we mention that worms love it too?

Below are some of the other elements, micro-nutrients and minerals contained in our rabbit manure based products. Calcium, magnesium, boron, zinc, manganese, sulfur, copper and cobalt.

Not just any rabbit manure. See our Custom Garden Blend and learn why we are different.