Rabbit Rain Tea Bags

Organic & natural rabbit manure liquid tea

This product is offered to address the need for liquid applications of rabbit manure intended to offer an immediate BOOST to your plants & flowers.

There is no longer any need to buy store bought synthetic chemicals or nutrients that can actually harm your soil. With Rabbit Rain Tea Bags, you simply add one to a gallon of rain water. We recommend re-using one of those plastic gallon containers your milk comes in (or similar).

Take your clean one gallon jug and fill it three fourths of the way full with rain water. Add our Rabbit Rain Tea Bag and place it outside in direct sunlight for at least a week. Shake it up once a day to get the best results. Top it off with more rainwater, and use this to water your plants as normal. Discover the immediate BOOST to their appearance & health. Do this every-other time you water. Experience first hand the HUGE difference it makes in your plants. Next, re-purpose that jug as a watering pitcher or animal feeder! Watch our video to see how easy that is.

Does NOT burn or harm ANY plant life, a BOOST of all natural nutrients.


A safer & healthier way to feed your plants