High Nitrogen Volcanic Minerals & Rabbit Manure

Organic rabbit manure with high nitrogen bat guano

This is a natural combination product we offer for professional growers. Please see our Volcanic Wabbit for a complete description of the volcanic mineral supplement.

We begin by taking our Custom Garden Blend rabbit manure product. We treat it with our proprietary spray so that our high nitrogen bat guano product and volcanic mineral product adhere to the manure. This product is strictly for in-soil use. This means it should be mixed or tilled into the soil and not just layed on top of the plant soil. This product is NOT intended for clones or young plants, it is intended to be mixed into the soil or buried into the soil of mature plants (see videos). N: 11.4 P: 4.4 K: 1.6

This is another of our exclusive products that you cannot find anywhere else. Because Nasty Rabbit Organics created these for our farm & gardening use. Please email us with any questions you may have about our products. We are happy to answer any concerns or questions about their use.

Like a volcano, you will be blown away by the results

An original Nasty Rabbit Organics product creation

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