High Phosphorus Volcanic Minerals

Organic rabbit manure with high nitrogen bat guano

This is also a 4 ingredient all natural organic product exclusive to Nasty Rabbit Organics. We begin with our Custom Garden Blend high quality 100% organic rabbit manure.

We treat our rabbit manure with a proprietary natural spray that allows us to powder coat the manure pellets with high phosphorus seabird guano. Once sprayed, we also add the volvanoc mineral soil amendment to the now high phospuorus rabbit manure, resulting in the final product. Intended for mature plants ONLY.

The NPK of this product is; N: 2.4 P: 12.4 K: 0.6

This product cannot be found anywhere else. Nasty Rabbit Organics developed them for specific growing applications. Almost ALL soils could use this volcanic supplement. Plants in their flowering stage will love the high phosphorus. This product should be mixed into the soil to be the most effective.

We have the Right Stuff, and it's ALL Natural.

An original Nasty Rabbit Organics product creation

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