Rabbit Manure & Volcanic Mineral Soil Amendment

Rabbit manure plus volcanic mineral soil supplement

Get ready to be totally AMAZED at what this combination product will do! Not only for your plants' health, but for your soil AND the future use of resources like water & nutrients. You are already aware of the powerful performance of our organic Custom Garden Blend rabbit manure. Now read about what this volcanic mineral amendment does for your soil and plant roots. It is incredible.

You will notice a 25% (usually greater) yield from your plants yet use 50% less water and nutrients to achieve those results. Plus you will be rebuilding your soil structure as well. You need to put this in your soil RIGHT NOW!

We take our original Custom Garden Blend rabbit manure, we treat it with our 100% natural & organic proprietary spray, and then we powder coat it with Vulx volcanic mineral soil amendment. You mix this into your plant soil (or garden soil) then pot your plant or plant your garden. Your plants (soil) will require only HALF the water they used to and you will still increase your yield by more than 25% (easily). And your soil will be forever better for it too! It only needs to be added to the soil once.

A Planet Earth Partnership

Premium rabbit manure combined with volcanic mineral soil amendment

Your SAVINGS are almost immediate. You save on water, you save on nutrients, you save on future fertilizers, and you still increase your yield in flowers, fruits & vegetables (in both size & weight).

This product buffers the soil Ph, it also loosens the soil structure and reverses soil degradation. Experience the major benefits to using this combined product offering for yourself.

Your plants still receive the time-release nutrients offered by our rabbit manure yet gain the massive benefits of this soil amendment product - This is a win-win-win for the plants, the soil and your yield.

Natural, healthy, and safe plant and soil care for all your home, garden and farming needs. This is how Mother Nature feeds her planet Earth naturally.

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An original Nasty Rabbit Organics product creation